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In our experience, few victims are told by the district attorney’s office that, under Marsy’s Law, victims are entitled to hire their own attorney to represent their interests in court.

The reason it’s often not mentioned is because sometimes the victims’ wishes are different from the district attorneys’ goals. For example, sometimes the district attorney’s office will offer a plea deal that does not adequately punish the defendant.

We can stand before the court on your behalf and object to such a plea deal. This often has a profound effect.

Victim Restitution

Quinnan Law is skilled at seeking and obtaining victim restitution. Under Marsy’s Law, a victim’s attorney may conduct a hearing to obtain victim restitution. We know the relevant laws to maximize your recovery and ensure that the defendant must pay as a condition of probation.

Mitigating Circumstances

We also understand that some victims, for a variety of reasons, want the case against the defendant dismissed. Perhaps, in the heat of the moment, the victim said things to the police that weren’t necessarily true, exaggerated, or perhaps the police did not accurately record what the victim told them.

Sometimes the victim simply does not wish to relive the incident in a public forum. In all cases and for whatever reason, Quinnan Law can advocate for your desired outcome.

Representing Your Interests First

At Quinnan Law, we will represent to the district attorney and the court your interests as the victim of a crime.

Whether your interests are greater punishment, or dismissal of the case entirely, allowing us to represent you greatly increases the chances of achieving the outcome you want to see.

Additional Services


Getting your conviction expunged is a way to erase it from your criminal record.

Felony Reductions

By reducing your felony, you will be able to declare that you have never been convicted of one in the first place.

Certificate of Rehabilitation

An option for restoring your civil and political rights of citizenship when your conviction is not eligible for a reduction or expungement.


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