Criminal And Juvenile Defense Results

Juvenile Cases

  • Juvenile trial for reckless driving–verdict: acquitted.
  • Juvenile robbery. Mr. Quinnan won the state’s petition to try the minor as an adult and subsequently resolved the matter as a misdemeanor.
  • Juvenile rape matter: Client was accused of raping another minor. Mr. Quinnan’s unrelenting investigation established that the victim was lying to avoid a curfew violation. Rape charges were dismissed.
  • Juvenile possession of a weapon on school grounds: fought for the client early in the case and received diversion for later dismissal of the petition. No conviction.
  • Juvenile manslaughter: Client crashed his vehicle, killing the passenger. Mr. Quinnan retained an expert and thoroughly investigated the matter, establishing that client was not driving recklessly.

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Adult Cases

  • Manslaughter: Client was driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. She struck another vehicle killing the driver. Mr. Quinnan and his co-counsel retained an expert and conducted an extensive investigation proving to the jury that, despite the drugs and alcohol, she was not driving recklessly. Verdict: Not Guilty.
  • Domestic Violence: Client was accused of assaulting his girlfriend by punching out the window of his vehicle, dragging her out and beating her. Mr. Quinnan established to the jury that she was not truthful. Verdict: Not Guilty.
  • Rape: Client accused of raping his estranged wife. Mr. Quinnan investigated the matter, found grave inconsistencies in her story and obtained a misdemeanor assault with no additional jail time.
  • Vehicular Assault: Client charged with vehicular assault by allegedly attempting to run down a CalTrans worker. Mr. Quinnan’s meticulous investigation and witness interviews created enough doubt in the mind of the prosecutor that he was offered and accepted a misdemeanor disturbing the peace and no jail time.
  • Marijuana Butane Hash Oil: Client was caught roofing a butane hash oil operation. The prosecutor initially offered a felony plea. Mr. Quinnan located photographic and testimonial evidence proving that he was there merely to roof the building and was not involved. Case dismissed.
Gabriel Quinnan

Gabriel Quinnan

Principal | Criminal and Juvenile Defense Attorney

Gabriel Quinnan is an experienced Santa Rosa criminal defense attorney at your service to handle the most difficult criminal matters. He strongly believes that the best defense is through early, aggressive action and his record of results more than supports that idea. Read More

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Gabriel Quinnan
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