Finding the best attorney for you

Finding the best attorney for you

by Oct 9, 2014

Lots of people ask me about finding the best attorney money can buy. I say focus on retaining the best attorney for you. While, technically, a lawyer’s role is to defend you in your legal matter, you cannot forget that this is also a relationship between two personalities. If the personalities conflict, it can cause problems with your defense goals. A prospective attorney may have the best credentials from the best schools and have wonderful results. All of that has less meaning if you don’t get along.

In recent years, I have seen unnecessary, adversarial relationships arise between attorney and client causing a complete failure in communication. Communication is absolutely necessary in order to obtain vital information for the case and also to keep the client informed of the case progress. You might interview a firm advertised as aggressive attorneys only to find yourself fighting with your own attorney and struggling to get a phone call to discuss the case.

On the other hand, aggressiveness is one of many vital components to resolving a case.  A lawyer who is too timid to go to trial is probably not the attorney for you since they will likely not be taken seriously by the district attorney’s office. Just like in the game of Chicken, they need to believe that your attorney, if it comes down to it, will not swerve.

My advice is to pick an attorney who will work with you and listen to what you have to say about your own case.  And ask them when was the last time they went to trial to ensure that attorney is willing to fight. In the end, you will feel like you are getting the service you paid for and you will know you have all the information necessary to make the difficult decisions in your case.