Making The Case: Quinnan Law Wins Big In Court

by Mar 29, 2021

Last month, the Sonoma County District Attorney moved forward with The People v. Rodney Ross, Robert Evans, Rashad Lang, and Sheridane Gusters. Four black defendants from the state of Texas were accused of home invasion, armed robbery of marijuana, felony possession of guns, criminal threats, false imprisonment, and receiving stolen property.

As the District Attorney made their opening statement, it became clear to all that the alleged victims would not be appearing to testify in this case. That the prosecution nevertheless proceeded, with no actual victims appearing in court to testify, was indicative of hubris and overreach.

Despite the DA’s lack of material witnesses, the trial continued for almost an entire month. Jurors were forced to endure dangerous pandemic exposure and uncomfortable conditions while other, more meritorious, cases were placed on hold waiting for this trial to end.

Finally, after a month’s worth of baseless allegations, the jury was instructed to begin deliberations. In a matter of just two hours (most of which was spent filling out the requisite “not guilty” verdict forms) the jury returned verdicts of not guilty on all charges for all of the defendants.

By all accounts, it was Quinnan Law’s closing arguments pointing out the complete lack of evidence connecting these defendants to a crime that decisively convinced the jury of our client’s innocence.

Our client was released from custody just a few hours after the verdict and has since safely returned home to Texas. We are grateful for the opportunity to have participated in facilitating justice and honoring our commitment to helping everyone get a fair and vigorous defense

Quinnan Law & Robert Evans


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