Getting A Second Opinion For Your Criminal Defense Case

Getting A Second Opinion For Your Criminal Defense Case

by Mar 18, 2021

When you hire a criminal defense attorney to defend you, your attorney will review your case in detail and come up with a legal strategy. However, because every attorney is different—just like every case is different—the strategy your attorney recommends may be different than what another attorney would suggest.

For this reason, it may benefit you to get a second opinion regarding your case. Just like consulting multiple doctors before deciding on what treatment to pursue for an illness, getting a second opinion about your legal situation can provide additional information and clarity to help you make a decision.

Benefits Of Getting A Second Opinion

Asking another attorney for a second opinion has several benefits. Most importantly, another attorney can offer independent judgement regarding your various options and the merits of each.

Keep in mind that getting another attorney’s advice may end up validating the strategy of your current attorney, which is not a bad thing. Either way, you are getting information that is:

  • Unbiased
  • Independant
  • Considering your best interests
  • Based on careful analysis of the facts and law

If you are facing serious criminal charges, making the effort to get a second opinion ahead of time may provide some peace of mind that whatever strategy you and your attorney decide on is the right one. You don’t want to get halfway through a trial and regret not asking for additional help or advice when it’s too late to change course.

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What If I Get Conflicting Advice?

If you get a second opinion about the strategy for your case that conflicts with what your current attorney is suggesting, you’ll have a decision to make.

For example, if your current attorney is suggesting you try and settle your case out of court, but the attorney you’ve consulted for a second opinion suggests going to trial, you’ll need to carefully weigh the pros and cons of each before deciding which strategy to pursue.

This is why trusting your attorney and having a personal connection with them can make all the difference in your defense. If you are facing the prospect of prison or jail, you should absolutely have trust in your attorney that they’re giving you the best advice and will defend you to the best of their ability no matter what.

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