5 Ways An Arrest Warrant Impacts Your Life

5 Ways An Arrest Warrant Impacts Your Life

by Aug 27, 2020

Having a warrant out for your arrest is one of the worst legal situations you can be in, especially if you are trying to evade the police to avoid capture and/or imprisonment. While movies and television may portray it as a situation that can go on in perpetuity for those who are smart and willing to take risks, the reality is much, much different.

Having a warrant out for your arrest severely limits your ability to go about daily life, and in practical terms makes it functionally impossible for you to do anything other than hide and hope the police don’t find you.

Why? There are five major things ways that an arrest warrant will impact you life, should one be issued against you:

1) You Can’t Go Out In Public

Having a warrant out for your arrest means the police can (and will) arrest you in any public place, at any time. This means places like work, school, restaurants, coffee shops, laundromats—they’re all places the police will look for you.

Also keep in mind that the police do not need to have a copy of the warrant in order to arrest you if they find you. They only need to have knowledge that the warrant exists.

2) You Can’t Fly Anywhere

Security protocols at all US airports now include checking databases for passenger information, including criminal history. If you have an outstanding arrest warrant, your name will be flagged and you will not be able to pass through security checkpoints.

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3) You Can’t Legally Drive A Car

When an arrest warrant is issued, the court will also notify the DMV to suspend your driver’s license. Your license remains suspended until the warrant is cleared and the court notifies the DMV again.

This means if the police pull you over, you will likely be arrested for both the outstanding warrant and driving with a suspended license.

4) Military Bases Are Off-Limits

If you are a member of the military, or a civilian contractor who works on a military base, your access to bases will be revoked. Military bases (even more so than airports) have very strict security controls and you will most likely be stopped and or detained if you try and enter a base with a warrant out for your arrest.

5) Government Benefits Are Cancelled

California law states that a person who is fleeing from felony prosecution is ineligible for receiving aid from government assistance programs. This includes programs like welfare aid through CalWORKS.

If the crime you are accused of can be punished by imprisonment or the death penalty, you can also have your Social Security benefits suspended.

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