Client & Peer Testimonials

Compassionate Attorney who stands apart from the Rest

After recently visiting a friend in Northern California I found myself mixed up in a criminal marijuana case that was threatening to have serious detrimental impact on my life. Being as I’m from the East Coast i was completely ignorant to the laws and regulations concerning medical marijuana, and after waking to a police raid, I knew i needed to get up to speed and fast!
Despite my complete lack of involvement in the felony crimes i found myself charged, I soon realized that it was going to be a serious battle in order to prove my innocence in this matter and clear my name.
After starting the case with one attorney who mistakenly got extra charges brought against me and another who wrongly advised me that i would be able to have him appear for me in court, I found the situation i was in getting worse, instead of better.
That was when i had the good fortune of being referred to Attorney Gabriel Quinnan. Immediately i could tell that Gabe was different from the other two attorneys. He has a warm, friendly and inviting character and we clicked immediately. I could call him at any time with questions and found that he was much more accessible than the attorneys i had dealt with previously. He spoke to me as a friend and made sure that I was completely comfortable with our approach in the case.
I was very impressed with the professional and effective manner in which Gabe handled himself in court. It was clear to me that he had a strong understanding of the law, was very well spoken as well as respected amongst his peers.
Gabe was always looking out for my best interest and did not allow for me to be bullied into taking the first handfull of unfair pleas that were offered to me. Instead he worked diligently to communicate my good character and innocence to the District attorney, letting it be known if I wasn’t offered something fair we would be taking the case to trial.
As a result of Gabe’s thorough work on the case, he was eventually able to get the DA to agree to drop all felony charges against me and offer a fair misdemeanor plea that i was comfortable taking.
This experience made me realize the great importance of having capable and trustworthy representation when dealing with the courts. I strongly recommend Attorney Gabriel Quinnan to anyone that finds themselves in need of a compassionate attorney that they can trust to whole-heartedly fight for their defense..-Brent, a Criminal Defense client

Amazing Lawyer

When my friend was first arrested his sister and I did not know who to hire. Someone took us to the Adams Fietz office and introduced us to Gabe. Right away we were impressed with his professionalism. He went to the jail to meet with my friend the next day and immediately got to work. In court he argued passionately, presented himself professionally, was well prepared, and articulate. He kept in constant contact with us via email, phone calls, and text messages. He treated us with respect and patience. He has been a comfort through what has been a trying time, all the while being realistic about the outcome of our case. Gabe stands out as one of the best lawyers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to use him again or recommend him to anyone.-Margaret R, a Child Abuse client

Great Lawyer

since i came to the office the assistant and all the attorneys were very helpful and willing to help. i was afraid to go to trial but with Gabriel’s support and advice we moved forward. With Gabe’s experience my case was dismissed.Posted by Pablo, a Criminal Defense client

Peer Testimonials

Excellent attorney and all around great guy!

Gabe is a lawyer I would trust if I found myself in an unfortunate legal situation. He is calm, aggressive, and thorough. Not to mention, he can try the hell out of a case!

I endorse this lawyer. Gabe is the primary felony attorney for the biggest criminal defense in the County. He is an integral part of a team that does amazing work. You can’t go wrong trusting Gabe with your case. He is an experienced, talented attorney who gets results that matter.

Mr. Quinnan and I met in 2014 as co-counsel on a false imprisonment felony. Essentially, it was a house party gone very wrong. Mr. Quinnan was excellent to work with and had a strong court presence. We both got outstanding results for our client. I fully endorse Mr. Quinnan.

I endorse Gabriel. He is a highly skilled attorney that is well respected in the legal community.

Gabe is a terrific lawyer.

Gabriel is an outstanding criminal defense attorney with an impressive record of victories around northern California. I’ve personally worked with Gabriel on a number of defense matters and have always been impressed by his skill and fearlessness as a lawyer. I recently observed him defending a client in a jury trial where he won an acquittal on all counts. This lawyer is a fighter. I wholeheartedly recommend him without reservation.

I endorse this lawyer.