Sex Offense Defense

Accused of a sexual assault or other sexual offense? Look no further than Quinnan Law for your defense.

Federal and State sex offenses

Santa Rosa criminal defense attorney Gabriel Quinnan has represented clients accused of all types of sexual offenses in both State and Federal Court. He knows the law and how to represent you so that you obtain the best result possible.

Depending on what you’re charged with, you could be prosecuted in both State and Federal and you may find yourself facing significant jail sentences in both venues.

As your attorney, Mr. Quinnan would work diligently to reduce this possible exposure by attempting to combine all possible offenses in one court. If resolution is your goal, we would attempt to resolve all matters together, rather than piecemeal in different venues.

Child Sexual Assault Restitution

Moreover, in cases of child sexual abuse, if you are convicted, you could be facing significant restitution amounts. In some cases, the victim may ask for “non-economic” damages, such as pain and suffering. It is not uncommon to see judges award restitution in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Without adequate coordination between the criminal and civil defense, you can quickly find yourself defenseless and lose all of your assets.

Quinnan Law’s long experience in child sexual abuse defense and child pornography cases has left us uniquely armed with an array of experts to help fight the charges or establish mitigating evidence. Armed with seasoned criminal investigators, computer forensic scientists, and sexual offense psychologists, Mr. Quinnan will employ a multi-phase defense strategy designed to give you the best possible outcome.

If you or a loved one are charged with a sex offense, it is imperative that you contact Santa Rosa criminal defense attorney Gabriel Quinnan immediately for a free and confidential consultation.