Results That Matter

Below is a sampling of Mr. Quinnan’s winning results:

Juvenile Cases

    • Juvenile trial for reckless driving–verdict: acquitted.
    • Juvenile robbery.  Mr. Quinnan won the state’s petition to try the minor as an adult and subsequently resolved the matter as a misdemeanor.
    • Juvenile rape matter: Client was accused of raping another minor.  Mr. Quinnan’s unrelenting investigation established that the victim was lying to avoid a curfew violation.  Rape charges were dismissed.
    • Juvenile possession of a weapon on school grounds: fought for the client early in the case and received diversion for later dismissal of the petition.  No conviction.
    • Juvenile manslaughter: Client crashed his vehicle, killing the passenger.  Mr. Quinnan retained an expert and thoroughly investigated the matter, establishing that client was not driving recklessly.

Adult Cases

    • Manslaughter: Client was driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.  She struck another vehicle killing the driver.  Mr. Quinnan and his co-counsel retained an expert and conducted an extensive investigation proving to the jury that, despite the drugs and alcohol, she was not driving recklessly.  Verdict: Not Guilty.
    • Domestic Violence: Client was accused of assaulting his girlfriend by punching out the window of his vehicle, dragging her out and beating her.  Mr. Quinnan established to the jury that she was not truthful.  Verdict: Not Guilty.
    • Rape: Client accused of raping his estranged wife.  Mr. Quinnan investigated the matter, found grave inconsistencies in her story and obtained a misdemeanor assault with no additional jail time.
    • Vehicular Assault: Client charged with vehicular assault by allegedly attempting to run down a CalTrans worker.  Mr. Quinnan’s meticulous investigation and witness interviews created enough doubt in the mind of the prosecutor that he was offered and accepted a misdemeanor disturbing the peace and no jail time.
    • Marijuana Butane Hash Oil: Client was caught roofing a butane hash oil operation.  The prosecutor initially offered a felony plea.  Mr. Quinnan located photographic and testimonial evidence proving that he was there merely to roof the building and was not involved.  Case dismissed.
    • Marijuana Felony Cultivation and weapons possession:  Client was visiting a marijuana grow containing hundreds of plants. When the grow was raided by police, client was found sleeping on the premises with a rifle underneath his cot.  Mr. Quinnan obtained substantial evidence establishing that he was not involved.  Felony charges dismissed.
    • Methamphetamine possession:  Client was driving from a casino.  In his trunk was his backpack containing meth and a meth pipe.  Mr. Quinnan established at jury trial that it was not his meth or pipe.  Verdict: Not Guilty.
    • Domestic Violence: Client accused of pushing his wife during an argument.  Mr. Quinnan set the matter for trial without a time waiver.  Result: Case Dismissed.
    • DUI: Client was caught in his vehicle well over the legal limit.  Mr. Quinnan saved his commercial license.
    • DUI: Client was caught driving at .14.  Mr. Quinnan set the matter for trial and obtained a wet reckless disposition.
    • Transportation of marijuana: Client was found with 4 lbs of marijuana in the trunk of his vehicle.  Additionally, he was facing immigration consequences.  Mr. Quinnan obtained a misdemeanor with no jail time.
    • Transportation of methamphetamine: Client was caught with methamphetamine in his vehicle.  Mr. Quinnan won the preliminary hearing and the case was dismissed.
    • Assault with a deadly weapon: Client was accused of cutting his girlfriend with a knife, including stabbing her in the chest.  He had previously been convicted for another, unrelated assault with a deadly weapon.  Mr. Quinnan took the matter to trial.  Verdict: Hung Jury.
    • Appeal of sex offender registration:  Client was erroneously sentenced to register as a sex offender.  Mr. Quinnan drafted a writ that relieved him of a lifetime of registration.
    • Petty Theft: Client was caught handing DVD’s to another man, who attempted to leave the store’s premises.  Mr. Quinnan took the matter to trial.  Verdict:  Hung Jury and later Dismissed.

These are but a small sample of Mr. Quinnan’s victories.  Let your case be next.  Call Mr. Quinnan immediately for a free consultation.