Reductions, Expungements and Petition for Certificate of Rehabilitation

Reduce your felony, Expunge your conviction, and obtain a Certification of Rehabilitation at Santa Rosa’s top criminal defense firm, Quinnan Law.

Felony reductions

Do you have a felony conviction? If so, you may be entitled to a reduction to a misdemeanor. As you are no doubt aware, a felony conviction on your record carries a number of grave consequences beyond your jail sentence and term of probation. A felony conviction prevents your ability to obtain certain licences and certifications, hurts your employment prospects, prevents you from legally possessing firearms, and prevents you from finding a decent place to live. A reduction from a felony to a misdemeanor could remedy a lot of these problems for you. Contact Santa Rosa attorney Gabriel Quinnan for a free initial case evaluation to see if you qualify for this relief.


For many of the same reasons as above, your record of conviction, whether it be a felony or misdemeanor, is likely causing a lot of issues in your life. You may be entitled to an expungement of your criminal record. An expungement essentially withdraws your plea of guilty or no contest and the court dismisses your case. The strongest case for expungement occurs if you had no violations of probation during the term of your probation. However, even if you had violations of probation and, in some cases, subsequent legal issues, you might still convince the Judge to grant your expungement. In all cases, it is worth your while to contact an experienced Santa Rosa criminal defense attorney to handle your expungement matter. Gabriel Quinnan has been handling expungements for years and has the expertise to handle yours. Contact Mr. Quinnan for a free consultation to determine whether or not you are entitled.

Certificate of Rehabilitation

In some convictions, you may not be entitled to a felony reduction or an expungement. Or, as in the case of sex offender registrants or gun rights, an expungement may not result in reinstatement of all your constitutional rights. You might still be entitled to a Certificate of Rehabilitation. In a Cert of Rehab, you are asking the Superior Court to certify to the State of California that you have been fully rehabilitated from your past criminal acts. To get this relief, you will have to prove that you’ve been living in the State of California for at least three years (some crimes require proof of residency longer than three years) and that you have remained crime free. Once you obtain a Cert of Rehab, many of your rights are automatically reinstated, such as, in some cases, removal of your requirement to register as a sex offender. Also, a granted Cert of Rehab is automatically forwarded to the Governor’s Office for consideration for a full pardon. This is a fairly technical area of the law and you will need a qualified attorney to handle this for you. Contact Santa Rosa criminal defense attorney Gabriel Quinnan of Quinnan Law to help you determine if you are qualified for this relief.