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Police body cameras: how they can change your case

courthouseiconAcross California, local law enforcement agencies are purchasing body cameras. Here’s some facts about these devices.

* Officers determine when and where to turn them on.
* The category of camera determines where the officer will wear the device: usually in the center of their chest or on their lapel.
* The resolution and quality of the camera determines what can be seen and heard.
* The law enforcement agency that buys the cameras will determine how long a recording will be kept and who should have access. Distributing video to individuals who are not charged with a crime or connected to a case could be seen as violating privacy rights.

The fact that a body camera is rolling can discourage an officer to use excessive force. Yet footage from a camera could hurt your case if you appear more violent or out of control than you remember.

On December 9, 2014, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors approved a $1.2 million contract to outfit all county’s sheriff’s deputies with lapel cameras for 5 years. Current policies allow deputies to deactivate their cameras at any time they believe the use of the camera is unnecessary.

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