Juvenile Defense

childplayingHow Much is Your Child’s
Future Worth to You?

It used to be that when a child did something wrong, got in trouble and went through the juvenile court process, the focus was on rehabilitation.  Back then, few of the consequences of a juvenile conviction would follow the child into adulthood.  These days, the juvenile justice system is focused on punishment, stigmatization, and, in some cases, removal from society.  Moreover, many consequences of a juvenile court conviction will follow your child for the rest of his or her life.

Along with the possibility of confinement in California’s abysmal Department of Juvenile Justice centers (juvenile prison), a conviction can cause lasting consequences, such as: establishing strike priors; gang membership verification; and sex offender registration. These are consequences that could follow a child into adulthood, making it difficult to get a job, obtaining a professional license, joining the Armed Forces, or qualifying for college financial assistance.

Mr. Quinnan is a long-time defender of children accused of crimes.  He has handled juvenile matters from the initial detention hearing through jurisdictional hearing (trial) and disposition (sentencing).  Many lawyers who practice criminal defense primarily in adult court find juvenile court to be mystifying and confusing.  As a result, an inexperienced juvenile defense attorney can easily hurt your child’s case.  From his experience, Mr. Quinnan knows that it is of paramount importance to act quickly before the petition is filed. Waiting too long can, in some cases, make matters significantly worse for your child’s case.

Mr. Quinnan has handled juvenile matters ranging from simple assault and petty theft to rape and vehicular manslaughter.  Thanks to his zealous advocacy, many of those children grew up to become happy adults, free from the potential consequences of a criminal conviction. Retaining Mr. Quinnan assures your child the best chance at a successful outcome.

When your child’s future is in jeopardy, do not hesitate to contact Mr. Quinnan for a free consultation.