Federal criminal defense

Federal Criminal Defense

Santa Rosa Criminal Defense Attorney, Gabriel M. Quinnan of Quinnan Law, is unique in Santa Rosa in that he also adept at representing criminally accused clients in both Federal and State Court.

Many law firms will tell you they will represent you in your Federal Court matter, but few will understand the federal system as it relates to your case. Mr. Quinnan, through long hours and hard work, has familiarity with dealing with investigative agencies, such as Department of Homeland Security and the FBI, the U.S. Attorney’s Office and staff, and Federal Judicial Officers and their staff. Mr. Quinnan is currently admitted to practice law in the Northern District of California, but, if the need arises, is prepared to be admitted in any district where his clients need help.

Moreover, in dual jurisdiction cases (cases under both State and Federal jurisdiction), Mr. Quinnan can work towards a resolution that encompasses both matters, eliminating the needless waste of multiple prosecutions.

Mr. Quinnan is ready, willing and able to handle your Federal matter no matter how serious the crime. Call him today to arrange a free initial consultation to find out how he can help you.