Domestic Violence Criminal Defense Attorney

Accused of a crime of Domestic Violence? Santa Rosa Criminal Defense Attorney Gabriel Quinnan can help you.

Being accused of a crime can be one of the most terrifying experiences in your life. Being accused of a crime of domestic violence can be even worse. Few other crimes are more reviled in society or are punished more harshly. And few other crimes are more frequently overcharged by the District Attorney’s Office.

In the vast majority of Domestic Violence cases, a couple has a fight and the police are called as a preventative measure as a way of deescalating the situation. During that police contact, the police will arbitrarily pick a “victim”, which is often is based on gender or the presence of any injuries. The “suspect” will go to jail. Make no mistake about that.

In the heat of the moment, the “victim” will be persuaded to give a statement, which is to say,┬áhe or she will be given a number of leading questions to ensure that the suspect will be charged with a crime. Sometimes, the statement is flat out untrue; given in the heat of anger and prodded by police questioning. Sometimes, the claimed abuse was exaggerated. Sometimes, any injuries are the result of the “suspect” defending him or herself.

Despite the grave consequences of being convicted of a crime of domestic violence, which may include: jail time, massive fines, onerous and expensive treatment programs, frequent court visits, and the loss of constitutional rights, such as the right to bear arms; domestic violence allegations are oftentimes very defensible.

If you find yourself charged with this type of offense, do not delay. Call Santa Rosa Criminal Defense Attorney Gabriel M. Quinnan today so that he may discuss your case and evaluate and possible defenses. The initial meeting is free of charge.