Domestic Violence Victim Advocate

Premier Domestic Violence Victim Advocate

Quinnan Law has had tremendous success at representing victims in Domestic Violence cases as his/her Marsy’s Law Attorney in Santa Rosa and surrounding counties.

Few victims are told by the District Attorney’s Office that, under Marsy’s Law, victims are entitled to hire their own attorney to represent their interests in court. The reason they don’t mention that is because sometimes the victims’ wishes are different from the District Attorneys’ goals. For example, sometimes the District Attorney’s Office will offer a plea deal that does not adequately punish the defendant. Mr. Quinnan will effectively stand before the court and object to such a plea deal. This often has a profound effect.

Moreover, Mr. Quinnan is skilled at seeking and obtaining victim restitution. Under Marsy’s Law, the victim’s attorney may conduct a hearing to obtain victim restitution. Mr. Quinnan knows the relevant law to maximize your recovery. Not only maximize recovery, but also ensure that the defendant must pay as a condition of probation.

Alternatively, some victims, for a variety of reasons, want the case against the defendant dismissed. Perhaps, in the heat of the moment, the victim said things to the police that weren’t necessarily true. Or, perhaps, the victim exaggerated. Or, even more frequently, the police did not accurately record what the victim told them. Sometimes, even if the incident occurred, the victim simply does not wish to relive the incident in a public forum. In all cases and for whatever reason, Mr. Quinnan will advocate for your desired outcome.

Here at Quinnan Law, Attorney Gabriel Quinnan represents to the District Attorney and the Court the victim’s interests, whether those interests include greater punishment or dismissal of the case entirely. You can rest assured that, if Mr. Quinnan is retained to help you in Santa Rosa and adjacent counties, you will experience the best possible chance to make sure that your justice is done.